TechSys Insights provides technical expertise to organizations that deal with intellectual capital (patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets), evaluation of new products and technologies, and technical competitive assessments. By focusing upon telecommunications technologies, we are able to offer our clients the full benefit of our lengthy industry experience in dealing with these highly technical and complex elements.

Our client base includes:
Component and equipment manufacturers who are responsible for the creation, tracking and commercialization of products which often obtain their competitive edge from their innovative technological solutions.
Network operators (also known as Service Providers) who take these products and enhance the services delivered to those employing their network by adding their own innovations in how the products are used.
• Both of these segments rely upon financial investment from venture firms who must assess the future potential of emerging technologies in an ever changing technical environment.
• The services of legal firms who provide essential guidance throughout the lifecycle of the inventions, filing patents, procuring trademarks, and asserting their ownership rights while protecting their clients from infringement allegations.

Since our customers’ needs are unique, we utilize processes which allow maximum flexibility to achieve specific results in the least time at the lowest cost. We’re continually evolving our cost-minimizing, successive refinement model, designed to quickly identify the highest value opportunities for our customers. We conduct three basic types of studies, any of which can be modified to meet specific needs:

Competitive Intelligence Studies
Intellectual Property Asset Management
Technology Evaluations

Since there may be some time between completion of a technical assessment and when appropriate actions are taken, we ensure that all of the data we reference is archived, with easy access via links from our documents and reports directly to the data. In addition to hard copy reports and materials, we deliver soft copies of all files and reports, on stable CD-ROM media, to ensure the data is easily stored, migrated to your corporate repository and accessible for future reference.