Convergence in the communications industry allows service providers to offer new voice, video and data services over the same transmission infrastructure allowing them to expand into new markets that were previously divided. The expansion of the internet, the advent of packetized voice and the video services market allow for new revenue generating opportunities. However, those evaluating new technical solutions must consider not only the transmission and quality requirements of these new services, but also the capital and operational expenses.

TechSys Insights offers service providers extensive, unbiased technology evaluations and competitive intelligence studies evaluating competing technical solutions, which accelerate vendor selection and product evaluation cycles.

  • Competitive Intelligence Studies
    • Our analysis of new product offerings examines the core technologies - including performance, yield, manufacturability and robustness – as well as OPEX related issues.
  • Technology Evaluations
    • Is a new technology a fad or the beginning of a revolution?
    • Will it scale, maintain its cost/benefit, be deployable in practice?


Inevitably, as the communications infrastructure evolves, it will be accompanied by corporate changes as well. Partnerships, acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures are all playing a role in reshaping the competitive landscape. As your organization and your competition change, so does your competitive position, including the intellectual property assets and their corresponding implications for products and services both you and your competitors can offer. Our intellectual asset management services enhance your strategic planning capabilities, improving your restructuring activities and your ability to deal with competitive pressures resulting from such changes.

  • Active Intellectual Property Asset Management
    • Learn where your competitors are going – we help deduce their research priorities and competitive positioning through pro-active reviews of their patent portfolios.
    • How does an offered technology compare to your contributions in a deal?
    • Are your partner’s inventions relevant to other aspects of your business as well?
    • Do they really have the rights they claim, and is there a risk those rights may be invalidated?
    • Changes in business unit ownership usually alter the intellectual property portfolio of both parties. We characterize assets being acquired and show how best to exploit them (e.g. retention and sole use, licensing, sale, donation).
    • help identify portfolio elements lacking relevance to your core business, and find potential buyers with a vested interest
    • Screen candidates for transfer or sale to ensure the rights core to your business – both now and in the future – are not lost.

Active Intellectual Property Asset Management has many components, any or all of which could be the focus of study. These components include: