TechSys Insights provides expert technical consulting in all aspects of IP analysis, either as your primary source or by augmenting your in-house staff. Each of our engineers has over 20 years of experience in the requirements, architecture, design and testing of data and telecommunications components, sub-systems, systems and other networking products and protocols. We have conducted patent portfolio analysis, prior art studies, assertive and defensive infringement studies, and, in conjunction with our partners, comprehensive patent valuations covering both technical and financial elements.

All of our work is fully documented and archived on DVD or CD-ROM, including reports which contain hyperlinks to referenced source files. Our infringement analyses can include claim charts where each element of each independent claim is identified as either infringing or not infringing relative to specific products of interest.

Our approach is to work as partners with our legal clients to augment their legal and technical capabilities. Our iterative method has proven to quickly eliminate those patents and copyrights unlikely to yield results due to technical limitations, lack of infringement evidence, or lack of monetary opportunity. This ensures we maximize the cost effectiveness of our research.

Our services include Patent, Copyright and Portfolio Analysis involving:

  • Prior art Searches
  • Before starting the long process and expense of prosecution how do I know this solution is really novel?

    • Have I examined all applicable patent databases, technical publications, conference documents, and past product marketing material?
    • Is there prior art that demonstrates or disproves infringement.
      • Is there prior art which would invalidate the claims as novel?
      • Does the interpretation of the claims and elements open us up to prior art?
  • Patent and Copyright infringement analysis or defense with Claim Charting

    • Is there anyone out there that may be infringing on my patents or copyrights?
      • Have I done adequate monitoring to verify my patents rights are secure?
    • Am I infringing on someone else’s patent or copyrights?
      • Do I have patents or copyrights that I can use to mitigate my risks?
    • Am I ready for litigation such that there are no nasty surprises?
      • Have all Prior Art studies been completed and documented?
      • Have all patent claims and claim elements been charted and verified?
      • Do the copyright infringement documents show both access and similarity?
  • Patent and Copyright Valuations

    • What is the value of this patent or copyright expression?
    • Am I paying too much for damages or licenses?
    • Am I getting too little for this infringement or license?
    • How do I determine the royalty base for this patent?