Investment in a new enterprise requires, among other things, a detailed assessment of strengths, limitations, opportunities and threats of a proposed technical solution compared to those offered by competitors. Investors want to know whether a purportedly disruptive technical solution proposed by the enterprise will not only offer, but be able to sustain, a compelling advantage in the given market. Sometimes the decision includes a selection of one or more investment opportunities from a number of alternatives.

All solutions have weaknesses and holes that result from:

  • the necessary tradeoff decisions made throughout the full development cycle,
  • a strong but narrow focus on a particular market or problem without understanding the impact of integration into a larger system or network,
  • from the lack of understanding of the scope of customer’s problems, especially as it relates to the operational and deployment issues

These weaknesses or holes can be exploited by competitors, or, worst of all, the product can be shunned by potential customers.

It is therefore important to understand the competitive features of a product in addition to any weaknesses and holes early in the due diligence phase of the investment cycle in order to extrapolate market response.

Of course, companies soliciting funds will provide technical assistance to investment firms and potential customers; however their approach is to put the best face on the market and investment potential of their technical approach.

Employees at TechSys Insights have years of experience in the development of product requirements, architecture, design and testing of telecommunications components and system solutions. We are uniquely qualified to provide unbiased, expert assistance to the investment community, delivering the technical analysis required to make informed decisions. The services offered by TechSys Insights include Competitive Intelligence Studies, Technology Evaluations and Active Intellectual Property Asset Management.

Competitive Intelligence Studies

  • How well do you know the strengths and weaknesses of a targeted investment?
  • How well do competitors’ technology compare to this targeted investment?
  • What are the current and potential future threats to this targeted investment?
  • Is there anything that the targeted investment can do to counter these threats?
  • What are the long term prospects for exploiting this solution for a sustaining market?
  • How are competitors addressing the same needs?

Technology Evaluations

  • Is the theory viable in practice, and in volume?
  • Will it remain a competitive approach or be obsolete tomorrow?
  • Is the technology a core component, or can others easily circumvent it?

It is also a fact, however unfortunate, that not all investments are successful. In these cases investors attempting to sell the company may do so without a sound valuation of the intangible assets of the company. TechSys Insights offers expert assistance in helping investment firms improve their ROI opportunities through an analysis and valuation of the intellectual property of the failed investment. This can lead to a better understanding of the real value of the intangible assets, and enable a firm to maximize their opportunity in identifying and negotiating with potential buyers. In some cases this could lead to a decision to hold on to the intellectual property for a period of time in order to meet strategic objectives; again with the idea of improving ROI.

Active Intellectual Property Asset Management

  • After having invested all this money in IP, is there anything that can be done to recoup some of my lost investment?
  • Do I have a solid understanding of what assets might be valuable and to whom?
  • Is there anyone infringing on these IP assets such that I can recoup expenses through royalties?
  • Should I hold on these assets for licensing at a later time? Will the industry most likely go in the directions protected by my IP assets?
  • Do any of my other investments have a need for any of these assets such that I can get better investment terms?

Active Intellectual Property Asset Management has many components, any or all of which could be components of our study. These include: