Edward T Sullivan
Founder and Lead Consultant

Ed Sullivan is a founding partner of TechSys Insights, a premier consulting firm helping clients maximize the value of their intellectual property. After receiving his B.A in Philosophy from University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 1980 and his BS in Computer Science from Northeastern University, Boston Mass in 1982, he accepted a position with Digital Equipment Corporation in Littleton Mass working in Diagnostics on the VAX 8800. While at DEC, he held numerous technical and managerial positions in engineering.

In 1990 Ed moved to Interphase Corporation as Manager of Communications products, where he was responsible for development of all Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI and ATM products, later becoming Technical Director responsible for the direction of FDDI and ATM. He attended FDDI standards and the ATM Forum technical committees for P-NNI, LAN Emulation, MPOA, 25 Mbps PHY, and Traffic Management, and taught an FDDI technical training course as well as the ATM Forum’s courses on Introduction to ATM, ATM UNI Signaling, ATM P-NNI, LAN Emulation and MPOA, throughout the US, Japan, and Europe.

In 1996 Ed moved to Fujitsu Network Communications (FNC) in Richardson, Texas as Manager of Systems Engineering where he lead a cross cultural, cross disciplinary team of Japanese and American engineers architecting the FLASH™ 600, an ATM, STM, IP switching product with DS1, DS3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 and Ethernet interfaces. Ed was eventually promoted to Senior Director, responsible for System Engineering, Architecture, and System and Product Validation Test for all of FNCs products. This role included participation on the companies patent review board.

In 2001 Ed joined Xtera Communications Inc as its Chief Architect, where he lead development of Xtera’s NU-WAVE™ architecture, a Raman based 2.4 terabit Long-Haul product, and played a critical role in developing the DSP based ASE control function. Ed was also responsible for defining the interface between NU-WAVE™ and an optical switch using LMP, CR-LDP and GMPLS.

In 2004, Ed co-founded TechSys Insights. He has conducted analyses of numerous patents including: optical layer protection, ASE control, transient control, channel allocation schemes, optical amplification, network latency management, packet transport and low loss network architecture techniques.