TechSys Insights provides expert telecommunications consulting, including various aspects of Intellectual Property analysis, either as your primary technical source or by augmenting your in-house staff. Each of our engineers has over 25 years of development experience in the requirements, architecture, design and testing of data and telecommunications components, sub-systems, systems and other networking products and protocols. We conduct patent portfolio analysis, prior art studies and assertive and defensive infringement studies, among other tasks.

All of our written work is fully documented and upon request is archived on DVD or CD-ROM. Reports include hyperlinks to referenced source files contained on media source. Our infringement analyses include claim charts where each element of each claim is identified as either infringing or not infringing relative to specific products of interest.

Our approach is to work as partners with our clients to augment their legal and technical capabilities. Our iterative method of portfolio analysis has proven to quickly eliminate those patents unlikely to yield results due to technical limitations, lack of infringement evidence, or lack of adequate Return on Investment. This maximizes the cost effectiveness of our research.

Our services aid our clients to resolve the following types of questions;

  • When accused of infringement:
    • Does the infringement documentation provide a complete and accurately map of the claims to your product?
    • Would it help to get an independent opinion on my accused infringement?
    • Does the prosecution history contain further limitations not clearly specified in the patent such that the file history will limit the claim interpretation such that I don't infringe?
    • Is the patent really standards essential as claimed?
    • Is there a chance that the patent in question is invalid?
    • What patents of mine could be considered for a counter-suit?
    • Is there a potential work around for the patent?
  • Is there anyone infringing one or more my patents?
    • How can I identify them?
    • How confident am I in my infringement case before approaching the potential infringer?
  • Am I ready for litigation such that there are no nasty technical surprises?
  • Have all pertinent patent claims and claim elements been charted and verified?
  • What are my competitors strengths and weaknesses as identified in their patents that can be exploited by our sales & marketing teams?
  • Before committing to the expense of filing, how can I gain some confidence that the solution is really novel and non-obvious?